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  • international art project EN MASSE is coming to shanghai

    EN MASSE is an international art project which began in Montreal, Canada in 2009. The project’s mandate is the collective creation of spontaneous, collaborative drawing-based art — from T-shirts to major permanent murals — always in black & white. The aesthetic of EN MASSE is young, fresh and current, based in popular and underground styles like street art, graffiti, comics, animation, tattoo art, lowbrow painting and more.

    EN MASSE is not a collective of specific members, but rather an ongoing series of events that constantly bring in new artists to participate. To date, EN MASSE has worked with over 500 artists around the world. It has created work for Converse and Cirque de Soleil, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and at Art Basel in Miami, in New York City, San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris and many other cities.

    Now EN MASSE is coming to Shanghai, and an invitation is open to Shanghai artists to join EN MASSE in creating a large-scale collective art-jam installation! You can just connect to us via EDGE@Neocha.com and grab your paintbrushes and join the team in completing these works. The medium is black acrylic paint on primed plywood. All materials will be provided, except for paintbrushes. See below for some details of this event.

    EVENT INFO ///

    • Duration: Oct. 23rd – Nov. 9th, 10 am – 6 pm daily
    • Venue: Kerry Parkside Centre in Pudong
    • Address: 1039 Fangdian Rd, Pudong, Shanghai

    This is unfortunately not a paying contract. However, it is intended as an introduction of EN MASSE to China, and should lead to further opportunities — and offers Shanghai artists a chance to interact with artists from Canada, Belgium and Taiwan, establishing connections that will last for years to come. We’re looking forward to your participation! There will be a lot of fun. Please don’t miss it!

    For more Chinese creative community events on NeochaEDGE,  link here. /// TS





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