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  • tracks | debut EP from ChaCha & JAY.SOUL (aka: AM444)

    ChaCha is one of the top talents in the Shanghai music scene and whether we’re rocking out to her live dubstep shows or listening to her soulful melodies, we’re always enjoying what we hear. This year, ChaCha has teamed up with veteran underground music producer Jay.Soul to form AM444 and release a debut EP titled “Eye Wonder.”

    For a preview of the album, have a listen below.

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    AM444 (ChaCha + Jay.Soul) – EP Sampler ///

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    1. Amanda says:

      loving this a lot… where would one be able to get the album???

    2. PuntosCardinales says:

      I assume you’ve already found where to get the tracks, but for future viewers here it is in digital form.


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