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    events | collage collaboration exhibition “FERMENTATION” of SHADOW CHEN + KA XIAOXI

    “Fermentation” is the exhibition of a collaborative collage work of EDGE Creative Collective illustrator Shadow Chen and photographer Ka Xiaoxi. Sometimes things need to be magnified, catalyzed, and fermented before they can be clearly seen. So it is with YOUTH. It is all at once crazy, reckless, and mighty, yet full of inspiration and desire. […]


    “THE GAMER” & “YOUTH” from shanghai-based photographer MANGMANG

    Mangmang brings us two of her latest photography works, entitled “The Gamer” and “Youth.” The former is playful and a bit of a departure from her usual style as seen in “Youth.” For more from Mangmang on NeochaEDGE, link here. For more photography on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// Castor The Gamer /// Youth ///


    new work from beijing-based EDGE Creative Collective photographer REN HANG

    Beijing-based EDGE Creative Collective photographer Ren Hang continues with his sexually-charged photography in this new series. His photos showcase various young bodies but, more than that, secret love. Youth is like the flu: it leaves us with a certain sensitivity, anxiety, awkwardness and sense of shame with which we fight for the rest of our lives. If […]


    “GOOD LIFE, GOOD DAY” – a soulful chinese R&B song expressing pride for the city of QUANZHOU

    We rarely get the chance to hear local soul and R&B music in China and to hear it coming from a third-tier city is even more unlikely. So we were pretty blown away by this. Check out the video below…coming at you straight out of Quanzhou in Fujian Province. The song was put together by […]


    “GREEN ONION” – an animation created by SHI TONGXIN, WEI YUJIE, & LIU YUANXIA about the magic of childhood & the endless bounds of young people’s imaginations

    See below for a lovely animation titled “Green Onion” (青葱) by Jiangnan University (Wuxi) School of Digital Media students Shi Tongxin, Wei Yujie, and Liu Yuanxia. The film is all about the magic of growing up, being young, childhood, etc., and how we can get lost in the endless bounds of imagination. Yummy stuff. For more […]


    new work from shanghai-based fashion photographer LI KAI

    Li Kai is an emerging Shanghai-based photographer whose work we absolutely love. We’ll have more from him soon – stay tuned. For more from Li Kai on NeochaEDGE, link here. For more photography on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// Ka


    irony, dark humor, and fantastic images from “FOUR WHEEL BIKE”

    One artist we’ve been enjoying recently is a Guangzhou-based illustrator who goes by the pseudonym “Four-Wheeled Bike” (aka: 四个轮的单车). Beyond the imaginative nature of his image-making, we love the ironic, dark humor he uses throughout the pieces. For more from Four Wheel Bike  on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// cy


    odi et amo

    See below for a slideshow of designs from Neocha.com-user Wang Xiaobei (王晓贝), the creative force behind the Beijing-based independent brand Odi Et Amo. I met Shaobei at this year’s MIDI Music Festival in Zhenjiang and was won over by his bold confidence, he told me then (and reiterated on his Neocha blog): “We will make […]

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