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    The Shanghai Restoration Project recently released their latest album “The Classics”. The Shanghai Restoration Project is the melding of Chinese sounds with Western hip-hop and electronica music. Produced by Emmy winning, New York City-based producer Dave Liang, it draws its inspiration from the legendary Shanghai jazz bands of the 1930’s, which were themselves a quintessential example of East meets West. “The Classics” is a deconstruction and reworking of classic Shanghai Jazz songs featuring the vocals of Shanghainese Jazz singer Zhang Le. Dave also invited photographer Zhuang Yan and designer Sun Yunfan to work on the album cover and overall visual design. It’ll be sure to give listeners an unforgettable experience.

    The album was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and reached the top of the iTunes electronic charts in the U.S., Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Click below to listen to some tracks from the album. Enjoy!

    Keep an eye out for future event posts because the Shanghai Restoration Project will be touring in China starting in May of this year!

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    The Shanghai Restoration Project – Can’t Get Your Love ///

    The Shanghai Restoration Project – Life is Drama ///



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