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  • urban art | an inspiring, colorful full-building mural in chongqing

    Remember the buildings in Qingdao near the Tai Dong pedestrian street / shopping area that we wrote about a few months ago. We loved those…here comes Sichuan’s version! Good on Chongqing!

    Does anyone know who is behind the artwork on this building? Was it always there as part of the original construction plans, or added later?

    If you spot street / urban art (graffiti, stencil, etc.) anywhere in China, please share it with us at EDGE@Neocha.com. We’d like to document it on NeochaEDGE.

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    1. Mike Weed says:

      The President of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute came up with the idea to have all of the buildings in that area (Huang Jue Ping) to be painted with murals. The project was done in 2007, and from what I’ve been able to gather were painted by migrant workers. A shame considering the amount of talented artists at the school.

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