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  • beijing-based KWANYIN CLAN’s street-art inspired, traditional chinese fish adapted to multiple mediums

    The Kwanyin Clan crew, lead by EDGE Creative Collective member, NATO, are up to their old tricks again: mixing and mashing different mediums, cultures and styles.

    The below framed piece is titled “Passage of Time” and features an iconic, traditional Chinese fish made up of graffiti-inspired letters, all placed on top of a Western landscape painting. The same “street art fish” is also the central character of a recent black, white and gray graffiti piece documented below. We love how one inspirational visual / idea can be adapted so elegantly to different mediums.

    If you’d like to collaborate with Kwanyin Clan, purchase any of their work, or view their full portfolio, please send us an email at: EDGE@Neocha.com

    For more from Kwanyin Clan on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// SL


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    1. lyn says:

      创意好像八爪鱼一般不断伸展变形 谢谢分享
      顺便请问原来的新茶哪儿去了 登录不能就像回不了家一样 稍稍郁闷中。。。。

    2. 莽原生 says:


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