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  • events | adidas “celebrate originality” graffiti exhibition @ source

    Graffiti fans in Shanghai don’t want to miss the May 15th gathering of renowned crews from around the world as part of the “Celebrate Originality” exhibition. Sponsored by “adidas originals” and held at SOURCE, a meet & greet of the graffiti artists will take place at 3pm on Saturday. Below is a list of the crews participating in the exhibition. Be sure to check it out, see you there.

    Dbsk1 (Taipei), IDT Crew (China / Hong Kong), Kem5 (USA), Mr. Totem (USA), Jahan Loh (Singapore), JNJ Crew (Korea), Suiko (Japan), Xeme (Hong Kong)

    For more street / urban art in China on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// SL


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    1. YO says:

      It’s a shame that 99% of SH’s graff events are commercial events. Nevertheless, see you there.


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