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  • we all love taobot: little kong’s robot illustrations

    ul1309597-23To be totally honest, the first time I saw Little Kong’s series of illustrations, I was a bit taken aback – the colors, the composition, the story and the details – they are all amazing. It was only after I got in touch with Beijing-based Little Kong that I found out her illustrations are all based on a story about a robot named “Taobot.”

    The story originally comes from a May 17, 2007 blog post by Qiang Wei Mao titled A Story About Robots. The main character of this story is Taobot (model number: M-TAOBOT-05172007), a robot made from a mixture of metal and playdough. Taobot has lived for hundreds of years, and been in hundreds of short stories, but is doomed to play the role of a tragic figure in each.

    Some of these roles include: a fanatical writer who writes until he becomes rusted with time; a hanger for laboratory cloaks in an experimental lab; a nerdy college student who is not able to feel emotions; a secret admirer of Little Red Riding Hood; a janitor who is a wonderful poet and climbs to the roof to watch the moon; a fireman who makes friends with kittens; a mailman who wholeheartedly delivers letters to the prince of outer space, a forgotten nursemaid who becomes a lumberjack, a heartless murderer, etc. [Editor’s note: many of the references are to important characters / stories shared among artsy youth (文艺青年) in China.]

    Below are some illustrations done by Little Kong showing the different roles played by Talbot. For those interested, check out the Douban group called We All Love Taobot. For more from Little Kong on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// cy







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