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    converse-lovenoiseOver the past year or so, Converse (China) has made a big push in China to align itself with local indie / creative culture, particularly the music scene. Last August, as part of its LoveNoise (爱噪音) tour, Converse sponsored two well-known Chinese indie rock bands (Pk-14 and Queen Sea Big Shark) for a 6000 km, one-bus road trip that included concerts in five second-tier Chinese cities: Xi’an, Wuhan, Changsha, Hangzhou, and Nanjing (plus a free grand finale show at Mao Live House in Beijing).

    Bravo to our friends at W+K Shanghai and Split Works for engineering and executing the effort. It’s proven itself to be the most successful example to-date of a big brand engaging the Chinese indie music community – the verdict is still out on Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands / Voice of the Next Generation campaign.

    See below for a full-length documentary capturing the Converse LoveNoise tour. The film was directed by the Beijing filmmaker Liu Feng and features interviews with the bands and their fans, as well as appearances and performance footage of Echo Rush, Hualun, 48V, Self Party, and Angry Jerks, among other Chinese indie bands. Enjoy.

    For more NeochaEDGE posts on Converse, link here. /// AjS

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