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  • zhang feng & danni tang’s “WhereWhatWho” 2010 F/W “freak planet” show

    WHERE to go? WHAT to wear? WHO are you?

    We ask ourselves these things just about every day (or at least on Friday nights), and it’s these questions that are at the core of WhereWhatWho, an indie fashion brand launched last May by our good friends Shanghai-based designers Zhang Feng (aka: Bono, of Banana Monkey fame) and Danni Tang.

    Bono and Danni will be unveiling / launching their latest line this Saturday at the 2010 Shanghai Fashion Week (sorry, invite-only, there is no chance you are getting in) in a show titled “2010 Fall / Winter FREAK PLANET,” but they were nice enough to share a few of the pieces with us ahead of time (see below).

    In the ramp-up to the show, which will undoubtedly be raucous, we caught up with Bono for a quick chat. See below for some excerpts from that conversation.

    Oh, by the way, siiiiiiiike – we have three extra tickets to the show. If you want them, email us: EDGE@Neocha.com

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    For more Chinese fashion on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// Ka


    When did you first get involved in fashion design? It seems like you just dropped rock ‘n roll for the fashion industry.

    Actually, it’s not really like that. From the late 90s on I’ve considered “fashion” my main job. Rock ‘n Roll was / is just a hobby of mine. I like doing both.



    Tell us a bit more about the WhereWhatWho brand?

    WHERE – Vigorous high-street; Rock ‘n Roll concerts; glamorous, trendsetting dancing parties.

    WHAT – Geometric design, neat cuts, violent aesthetics, metro-sexual.

    WHO – Fashion elites, trendsetters, arties and bohoes, eccentrics, post-punkers, alternatives.



    What kind of inspiration do you pull from music?

    It gives me all the inspiration that words and images can’t.


    What kind of music do you plan to play at the Shanghai Fashion Week show?

    That’s a secret.



    Tell us about the tailoring and style you and Danni will be presenting in this line.

    There will be 40 outfits in the show. The main theme is “Freak Show.” We are trying to convey the feeling or mood of doing things in a slapdash-kinda way. There will be all sorts different style variations and deviations weaved together with our “completely futuristic mixed-up concept.”



    Is this line all women’s?

    For this show, it’s not just women’s. We’ve got about 10 men’s outfits.


    Going forward, what do you see yourself getting up to?

    More commercial stuff. I’d also like to design more practical stuff. I’ll of course just continue to evolve my current style, pushing myself to try more fresh stuff, etc.


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    1. I went to the show on Saturday. It was great. Standing room only…full of energy and excitement. Lin Feng rocked it in the DJ booth too… Congrats to Zhang Feng and Danni, they’ve worked so hard in getting thier brand and this line ready for the Shanghai Fashion Week. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of WhereWhatWho in the near future.

      /// AjS

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