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  • presenting a new line from shanghai indie fashion label “JL”

    Fenfen and Nicole, the two creative minds behind Shanghai-based indie fashion label “JL,” are at it again with a new line called “子空皆地.”

    “子空皆地” is a phrase that describes a certain kind of tactic in Chinese chess. Why is the line called this? We are still trying to figure that out. But, from what we gather, Fenfen and Nicole view the new line as a crucial point in the survival of the JL brand, which they’ve been diligently persevering with for a while with little recognition from the larger fashion world.

    While still largely consistent with the look and feel previous JL lines, the “子空皆地” line’s styling and detailings are rooted in the finer points of traditional Chinese tailoring / attire.

    Check out the new line below, with photographs by another one of our favorites, Shanghai-based shooter Xiuxiu.

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