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  • events | group exhibition “EXISTENCE”——Follow Young Artists Group Exhibition 2013

    The Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art will be opening a group exhibition of young artists called “Existance + Follow” as the year of the snake begins. The 7 artists are: Tianzhuo Chen, Mingyan Gao, Fei Liao, Chang Su, Xiao Longhua, Zhu Zi, and Yunyao Zhang. This time, each artists will be provided a relatively independent space for them to create a unique atmosphere by showcasing their creative ideas.

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    • Date: 23rd Feb. to 21st Apr.
    • Curator: Wang Weiwei
    • Venue: People’s Park, 231 Nanjing West Road, MOCA Shanghai

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    Works from Chen Tianzhuo ///

    Works from Gao Mingyan ///

    Works from Liao Fei ///

    Works from Su Chang ///

    Works from Xiao Longhua ///

    Works from Zhang Yunyao ///

    Works from Zhuzi ///

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