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    jelly generation@NeochaEDGEThe Jelly Generation refers to young Chinese born in the 80s. The phrase / reference originates from the establishment of China’s first jelly production factory in 1985, which was big news at the time. 80s generation kids have playfully aligned their youth with the growth of China’s jelly industry.

    The Jelly Generation is young, fresh, and with a sharp sense of irreverence and creativity. Having experienced rapid economic growth and massive social changes, the Jelly Generation, compared with their predecessors, process a keener sensibility about what is going on and they usually interpret the world they perceive in a slightly skewed but unique perspective – this perspective is usually flavored with a distinct personal aesthetic. In general, they are more aware of their talent and more open to express themselves.

    For those of you who will be in Portland, Oregon in October, here is your chance to have a firsthand taste of China’s Jelly Generation. On October 9th, an exhibition being put on by W+K titled Jelly Generation will be unveiled at Goldsmith Gallery in Portland, Oregon’s Chinatown district (full details below). The exhibition is dedicated to China’s exuberant youth culture and emerging arts prowess. Over 30 emerging 80s and 90s generation Chinese artists, photographers, and designers have been invited to share their artwork, including our close friends Shanghai-based illustrators / designers Popil and Quail Egg, who created their pieces on top of vintage 1962 Portland newspapers sent to China especially for artists participating in the exhibition. See below for Popil’s pieces – to check out Quail Egg pieces, link here.

    We will be keeping an eye on the Jelly Generation exhibition, but if you happen to check it out, please let us know what you thought in the comments section below.

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    jelly gen 1

    jelly gen 3

    Popil’s Jelly Generation exhibition pieces ///

    popil for jelly gen1

    popil for jelly gen 2

    popil for jelly gen 3

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