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    Everyone knows that we at NeochaEDGE love to share information about fun and creative events and competitions that are happening around the world. This time, Coca Cola is sponsoring a creative visual arts competition with a hefty prize for talented winners.

    All you have to do is channel your creative energy to express the classic flavor of Coca Cola, and your entry will be seen by viewers the world over. So what are you waiting for? Submit your entry now!

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    See waht Creative Director of Coca Cola China said about this competition


      • Create a strong and creative Video/Visual to express what makes the taste of Coke so desirable to YOU

    Coca-Cola is so much more than a drink. When your eyes spot the iconic red bottle you get a feeling of happiness and an urge to taste it… Did you ever stop to think WHY?
    There are many reasons to love the taste of Coke and everyone has their own – it could be the bubbles, the way it enhances the taste of food, or that legendary “Psssss” sound.

    We have identified 5 features that you may use for inspiration. Create a strong and creative Video/Visual to express what makes the taste of Coke so desirable to YOU. Please specify in your entry which element you have selected:

    • Romance Of The Magical Caramel Liquid

    Is it the crystal trace of movement made by the flowing caramel liquid? Is it the thousands of jumping bubbles combined into a caramel flow? Or do you enjoy the natural ingredient myth of the caramel liquid?

    • Romance Of the Coke Experience

    Are you drawn in when you see others enjoying a Coke? What do you imagine when you recall the feeling of your first taste of Coke? Do you love the reaction you have after drinking a Coke? Or is it the moment of craving that comes before you drink a Coke?

    • What It Does To Me

    What happens when you think about the physical and mental release after the “Ahhh” effect? Is it the uplifting energy provided by the “Ahhh” effect? Do you feel revitalized after the “Ahhh” effect? Or is it just the happy and refreshing feeling that comes with the drink?

    • Experiential Metaphors

    When describing the feeling that comes with drinking Coke, some say it is like fireworks in the mouth, some say it is like a rollercoaster ride, some say it is like bungee jumping, some say it is like jumping into a waterfall?

    • Craving / No Compromise

    Do you get a craving for Coke when you cannot have one? What happens when you see a charming person drinking a Coke? Do you ever crave for an iced Coke in a stuffy and noisy environment? What is it about the taste of Coke that you cannot substitute with any other beverage or compromise on? What lengths would you go to for a delicious Coke?


    Coca Cola has EUR 25,000 of prizes for Video/Animation, EUR 5,000 of prizes for Design/Photo:

      • Video/Animation

      1st prize: EUR 12,000
      2nd prize: EUR 8,000
      3rd prize: EUR 5,000

      • Design/Photo

    1st prize: EUR 3,000
    2nd prize: EUR 1,500
    3rd prize: EUR 500

    • * Attention:Deadline for Photo/Design: 2015, Jan 12. 7am & Deadline for Video/Animation: 2015, Jan 19, 7am.


    Please submit your entry though the contest page:

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