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  • film | “lee’s adventures,” from beijing indie animator liyang

    Lee's Adventures @ NeochaEDGE (thumb)Lee’s Adventures is a short animated film created by Beijing-based “Excellent Young Pilot” (aka: Li Yang, 李阳). The film took EYP two and half years to complete and was well worth the wait as it’s just superb.

    The film is packed full of pop / youth culture commentary and “post-80″ generation references: Bruce Lee, rock ‘n roll, video games, Polaroid, terrorists, drugs, love, People’s Park, CCTV, Hollywood, etc. – all topped off with heavily Beijing-accented narration. The occasional manic (and mostly incomprehensible) English female narration is by Deerplay.

    We haven’t seen much indie animation in China that uses this style and technique. Very unique, very impressive.

    No more from us. Just check it out below – it’s a must watch!

    For more from Li Yang on NeochaEDGE, link here.

    For more Chinese Animation on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// KXX


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    1. bobob says:

      I really like this. The look is very original. Unfortunately, I can’t really understand the Beijing accent. Oh well

      • @ Bobob, yeah, it’s a pretty thick accent. I love the manic English he sprinkles in. Very funny.

        All around, it’s the best indie animation I’ve seen in China.

        /// AjS

    2. Jane says:


    3. merry says:

      it’s very interesting…it tells a story of this young guy Lee Xianji whose girl friend left him and he spent for about one year to get recovered from that hearting breaking fact. It is about a long journey he experienced. it’s amazing how this story was illustrated..

      the truth is they never get back together, even though Lee did manage to go through that video game and was able to go back to previous time, the answer he got from his ex is that their relationships ends forever.

      it is not usual for a man to describe his feelings when he is in love and when the love ends. The things he would dream if they did get back together again, ..

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