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  • a sampling of stencil & wheat-paste street art in china

    We stumbled across these snaps of stencil and wheat-paste street art in China – check them out below.

    The first one is from Beijing’s Xinjiekou Nandajie. The other two are from Hong Kong.

    Does any one know more about these? Particularly who the artists are?

    If you spot street / urban art (graffiti, stencil, etc.) anywhere in China, please share it with us at EDGE@Neocha.com. We’d like to document it on the site.

    For more street / urban art in China on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// AjS


    [via /// yangers]


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    [via /// Gareth Falder]

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    1. Cary says:

      If you go behind the china-Japan friendship hospital in chaoyang, Beijing, there’s an entire street of art from students at the nearby clothing college, and its fantastic.

    2. Aimee says:

      Brilliant! What/who is the original source of these photos? If I wished to reprint the top one, how should I properly credit it? Your help is appreciated.

      • @ Aimee,

        Just link back to this NeochaEDGE post, or to the individual “via” links shared above. However, I don’t the individuals who took these photos are the original artists of the street art. Just FYI.

        We are glad you like!

        /// AjS

    3. Gareth Falder says:

      Good to see this on here. Loved my time in HK and hope to visit again. Came across this near botanical gardens.

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