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  • “(PHOTO)GRAPHY” from hong kong-based photographer SHEUNG YIU

    See below for some photography works from hong kong-based photographer Sheung Yiu. (PHOTO)graphy re-examines photography as an expressive medium and photographs as surrealistic objects. Each work in this series plays with some aspects of photographs – the compression of dimension, the signs and symbols, the appropriation of reality etc. It is an imagination of photograph from a perspective which photography is a foreign concept.

    For more from Sheung Yiu on NeochaEDGE, link here.

    For more photography on NeochaEDGE, link here.

    sheung yiu@neochaedge02

    sheung yiu@neochaedge01

    sheung yiu@neochaedge03

    sheung yiu@neochaedge04

    sheung yiu@neochaedge05

    sheung yiu@neochaedge06

    sheung yiu@neochaedge07

    sheung yiu@neochaedge08

    sheung yiu@neochaedge0111

    sheung yiu@neochaedge0112

    sheung yiu@neochaedge0113

    sheung yiu@neochaedge0114

    sheung yiu@neochaedge0115

    sheung yiu@neochaedge0116

    sheung yiu@neochaedge0117

    sheung yiu@neochaedge0118

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