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  • NeochaEDGE x VOLCOM: first-ever “featured artists series” collection w/ young emerging chinese artists

    Last summer, we teamed up with Volcom, IdleBeats, and SOURCE to put together a rad interactive series of screen printing events in Shanghai and Beijing. As part of the event run-up, we held a competition on NeochaEDGE to source user-submitted designs. The design submissions absolutely blew us away – take a look here. Three of the designs were so well received that we’ve worked with Volcom to release them as part of the brand’s Fall 2011 “Featured Artist Series.”

    Below are shots of the final products designed by EDGE Creative Collective members, Nini SumElephant, and Wang Meng. We’ve also included some shots of the Volcom catalog, which does well to capture the collaboration.

    If you’d like to collaborate with Nini Sum, Elephant, or Wang Meng, purchase any of their work, or view their full portfolios, please send us an email: EDGE@Neocha.com

    For more NeochaEDGE client work, link here. /// Jimi

    EDGE Creative Collective member Wang Meng for Volcom ///

    EDGE Creative Collective member Nini Sum for Volcom ///

    EDGE Creative Collective member Elephant for Volcom ///

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