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  • video & photos from the NeochaEDGE x NOVO “CITY CENTRAL” creative bizaar in shanghai last month

    Last month, NeochaEDGE teamed up with multi-brand trendy fashion shop NOVO to put on “CITY CENTRAL Creative Bazaar” in Shanghai. The two-day event featured interactive fun from EDGE Creative Collective members Xixi (founder and creative director of indie fashion brand Nengmao), Nisky, Sdodo Photography Society, MISU Dessert House, Shinjil (aka: Houtaihou), Tyakasha, OOPS CREW (renowned street-art collective), Xiao Longhua, and Nini Sum.

    Visitors enjoyed a live graffiti performance, listened to a live DJ performance, screen-printed t-shirts and bags, made some jewelry, took some photos, and satisfied their sweet tooth!

    For those of you who missed it (or those that want to enjoy it again), check out the short video and photographs shared below. The video was edited by EDGE Creative Collective film-maker Jess Zou, with music by Mu Xiao Hu (a track titled “Moon” off our eXpo electronic compilation album).

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