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  • graffiti inspired chinese ceramics from beijing’s kwanyin clan

    The Kwanyin Clan from Beijing recently tipped us off to some of their graffiti work and we were particularly impressed by their crossover series of graffiti inspired Chinese ceramics. Using traditional “blue and white porcelain” as a medium, the Kwanyin Clan added their own distinctive graffiti touch to add a modern, street art flair. The Chinese characters on the porcelain plate in the bottom two pictures are “和气” meaning ‘peace’ in English.

    For more from the Kwanyin Clan on NeochaEDGE, link here.

    For more from urban / street art in China on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// SL


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    1. ♥ design says:

      …it has been done before, but still cool concept.


    2. Sean Leow says:

      Thanks for the link- those look great!

      I think it’s particularly interesting to see this done on Chinese “qing hua” (青花) ceramics as there is a such a long history of its use in China dating back as early as the Song dynasty.

    3. Jellyfish says:

      I love the characters! They add even more to the authentic feel of it! I understand their use is not so common, because it is more difficult to develop graffiti-style Chinese characters?

    4. Zara says:

      These are amazing.

    5. Paris says:

      How can I purchase them!


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