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  • events|Mao Livehouse Shanghai – 2012 SUMMER SONIC Chinese Band Final Competition

    2012 SUMMER SONIC band final competition in shanghai region will be held on this saturday in Maolivehouse. The final championship with travel together with other champions from other region to SUMMER SONIC Music Festival in August.

    SUMMER SONIC first came to China in 2011. MAO Livehouse held the first edition of the Chinese band competition to provide a platform for talented young people with dreams of music. The winning bands, Nan Wu from Beijing and Run Run Loser from Nan Chang, joined Queen Sea Big Shark, Muma & Third Party, Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues, and other invited top Mainland bands to showcase Chinese music to the world at SUMMER SONIC.

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    • Time:8:30 p.m, 2nd June, 2012
    • Location:MAO Livehouse Shanghai, 308 South Chongqing Road 3rd floor
    • Tickets: 50rmb (pre-sale) /60rmb (at the door),pre-sale tickets will be on sale until 12a.m, 2nd June.

    For more information about the competition, please check out Official Website .

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