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  • massive “door-god” stenciled wheat paste posters on guangzhou bridge & other street art from FIRExRD

    South-China based street artist duo FIRExRD were recently featured by French TV program Les Nouveaux Explorateurs, showing off their unique stencils and wheat-paste posters throughout their hometown of Guangzhou.

    The first set of works are massive, stenciled wheat-paste posters of traditional Chinese “door gods” put up under the Hedong Bridge. For those not familiar with door gods, the Chinese tradition of placing two decorative spirits at the entry to homes, temples, and businesses dates back to the Tang Dynasty.

    The second set of work is a play on their traditional Chinese “Big Doll Head” (大头娃娃) character that we’ve shared a few times before.

    For more from FIRExRD on NeochaEDGE, link here.

    For more street / urban art in China on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// SL


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    1. Love it! FIRExRD 万岁!!! FIRExRD 万岁!!! FIRExRD 万岁!!! FIRExRD 万岁!!!

      /// AjS

    2. doncheese says:

      funny,creative,i love it


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