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    Rooom is an indie comic organization founded by three illustrators of completely different styles: Xiao Duzi, Leng Leng, and Rotten Mudpit.

    Recently, Rooom was invited by fashion brand / shop Novo (Concept) and 1626 magazine to perform a live-draw comic show in Chengdu.

    After the show, Xiao Duzi wrote on his blog: “The sun didn’t come up today but the weather was still blistering. The drawing / painting pen was quite difficult to handle and the cardboard was too smooth to draw on, but we still had a grand time! The main artist was Leng Leng. His story about “dating” new friends was awesome! I originally just came to show my support and take some photos, but toward the end they invited me to create a piece. Though unprepared, I came up with a small story within a few minutes and began to draw! Drawing and sweating live in the oven-like city of Chengdu is indeed something amazing!”

    We are really looking forward to Rooom’s debut comic publication. Coming soon? /// cy










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