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  • work from post-80 generation shanxi-native creative ZHOU FAN

    Beijing-based Zhou Fan is a post-80 generation creative originally from China’s northern province of Shanxi.

    In late 2007, Zhou Fan was selected as one of the top 25 emerging Chinese artists at the Chinese Art Prize (CAP), and has had work exhibited both in domestic museums and international art shows.

    Mysterious and detailed mushrooms and jellyfish are always present in his work. Zhou says these are based on dreams from his childhood when floating jellyfish in the sky would fall to the ground on parachutes and turn into mushrooms. Check out some of his pieces below – we love them all.

    For more from Zhou Fan on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// Mei Lin


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    1. 苹果头 says:


    2. These are amazing – so much detail and color.

      Why is it that jellyfish and mushrooms are such prominent elements in the work of so many young / emerging Chinese creatives?

      /// AjS

    3. Bree says:

      These are outstanding. Are there prints available for sale?

    4. Jeff says:

      I’m trying to get hold of his prints also. CAN ANYONE ADVISE? art scene warehouse got me nowhere.



    5. I too would love to know where to get his prints.

    6. mathis says:

      I too would love to know where to get his prints – any news?


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