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  • event | solo exhibition “LETHE” of artist HIGGINS HUANG

    We are deeply impressed by Changsha-based artist Higgins Huang. Recently he’s holding a solo exhibition “LETHE” in Shanghai by Arkiv Gallery. Come check it out and show your support!

    “I named my first solo exhibition as “LETHE”,for the LETHE River means the life cycle and the reflection.Instead of being like a mirror,the LETHE River reflects the mind. If the heart is empty,the man who owns it can see a pool of clean water, If a man cares too much,he could never see the end of the river.My painting can also be regarded as a kind of personal struggle and salvation,persuing aesthetics.In fact,everyone has such a stage.”he said.

    Although Higgins Huang graduated from the design,but insisted to express his mind with integrity,seriation,minimalist Zen Oriental aesthetics,He is different of the many contemporary art,no pessimism,no big size,Higgins Huang with the most exquisite nib to draw Oriental mirage in a ruler to paper,Up to 6 layers of color,the picture is small and exquisite yet majesti,thought-provoking.

    He passed the freehand technique,simple to express himself,man and others and the natural environment coexistence situateion,let the subtle changing emotions with exquisite minimalist watercolor & ink show on paper.He is still have been tried different representations.Looking for innovative ways of expressing the Oriental Aura in his eyes,continue new aesthetic angle of view.Visitors can resonating just need centering into the works.

    Please make a reservation via 021-62267865 if you would like to pay a visit to this exhibition.

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    • Venue: B1,Kangding Rd,Shanghai,P.R.China

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