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  • tracks | some demos from beijing-based band “FREE THE BIRDS”

    We are in love with this band, especially the booming female vocalist (Helen Feng, previously with renowned electro rockers Pet Conspiracy)…she can properly sing in both Chinese and English. Lovely stuff.

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    Free The Birds ///

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    1. Amanda says:

      I just realized… how come the introductory blurbs for the Chinese and English posts are completely different?

    2. Duoduo says:

      where can i find more of their music? And how can i get their music?

    3. James says:

      “Take it off” was actually released as a demo from Helen’s days in 自游乐队 (Ziyo). If I’m not mistaken, it appears the drummer came along too (the guy in the mohawk…I think his nickname was Mao Mao?). Either way, good to see new stuff coming from the Beijing underground.

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