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  • retro “school house”-style doodles from guangzhou-based EDGE Creative Collective illustrator WANG2MU

    See below for some lovely retro “school-house” style doodles from Guangzhou-based EDGE Creative Collective illustrator Wang2Mu.

    If you like these as much as we do, check out Beijing-based indie animator Ray Lei‘s doodles (examples here, here, and here), which are done in a similar pen-ink style (particularly the coloring).

    If you’d like to collaborate with Wang2Mu, purchase any of his work, or view his full portfolio, please send us an email: EDGE@Neocha.com

    For more from Wang2Mu on NeochaEDGE, link here.

    For more illustration on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// AjS

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