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  • sculpture work from taiwan-based artist SMOKY

    See below for some sculpture work from Taiwan-based artist Smoky. He gets his name from the ever-present cigarette in his hand: if he has a muse at all, then the cigarette must be it.

    Smoky’s work is like an ink droplet in water, dark and elegant. Indeed, though his work has no convoluted structure, it still manages to be full of tension.

    For more from Smoky on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// Castor

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    1. tamara safford says:

      I think the paintings are beautiful! Especially the paintings about
      memory….they are very massive in spite of being 2D art!!! I really
      like them.
      The scuptures are great! Better than Rodin! Truly terrific!

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