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  • sail’s latest piece, “plum blossoms” on the streets of shanghai

    Last weekend, Sail hit the streets of Shanghai to paint a new piece – a beautiful plum blossom tree (that also spells his name). Although the piece looks like it was done with stencils in some parts, it’s all freehand. No one in Shanghai paints quite like Sail; his style is very distinct and we just love it.

    If you’d like to collaborate with Sail or commission him for similar work, send us an email: EDGE@Neocha.com

    For more from Sail on NeochaEDGE, link here.

    For more street / urban art in China on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// AjS


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    1. nicky says:


    2. Ming Lai Alterman says:

      Where is this located in Shanghai? Dope work!

    3. Randy88 says:

      Moganshan Rd, near Changhua Rd.

    4. A few people have asked me how Sail did this. To clarify, it’s 100% cans / spray. No stencils, no brush strokes.


      /// AjS

    5. Thomaslii says:



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