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  • events | “NIHILITY” from beijing-based artist HUANG YULONG

    Huang Yulong was born in Huainan, Anhui Province, China. He was graduated from the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jiangsu Province. Huang is strongly influenced by foreign culture, which he combines with his fascination with pottery. Huang is best known for his sculptures of Buddhas in hoodies, displaying an exchange of Eastern tradition and Western contemporary style. For this first and ever solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Huang will showcase 12 art pieces, including “Beside Me”, the sculpture which has never been exhibited in the public, and“On The Way”, his first large-scale sculpture creation, and “Beginner’s Mind”, his latest work in 2015.

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    • Time: March 14th to March 17th, 2015
    • Place: Fringe Club, No.2,Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong

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