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    Converse Rubber Tracks is a state-of-the-art recording studio that is located in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. The 5,200 square-foot, full-service recording space aims to support emerging artists by providing them access to a top-level recording studio at no cost. Artists and bands of all genres and ages from around the world are encouraged to apply and, upon acceptance, may reserve time in the studio to work alongside a team of experienced engineers. Fully equipped with the best instruments and equipment supplied by Converse Rubber Tracks partner Guitar Center, artists will spend time creating their work and in the end retain all the rights to their music. Through Converse Rubber Tracks, Converse is giving back to the creative community that has embraced the brand throughout its 105-year history. Converse Rubber Tracks provides a platform for artists to unleash their creative spirit that will change the world.

    Today, Converse China announces the launch of its first-ever Converse Rubber Tracks Shanghai pop-up studio where local musicians will have the opportunity to record for free from Oct. 17 to Oct. 23. As of today, Greater China-based applicants are able to register online for a chance at one of the 7 free spots to record original music under the guidance of award-winning producer Hector Castillo.

    During the month of November, Converse will also present a multi-city Converse Rubber Tracks Live Tour in China; a free concert series in four cities that features a line-up of local emerging opening acts, a Converse Rubber Tracks pop-up Shanghai band, popular American hardcore punk band, Trash Talk and a surprise Chinese headliner band in every city.

    See more info of Converse Rubber Tracks in Shanghai, please click here.

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