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  • popil’s creates a “mr. pigeon” notebook for esquire

    Our good friend Popil recently produced a very cool illustration for a notebook included with the 2009 December edition of Esquire magazine. Popil’s “Mr. Pigeon” dawns the cover of the notebook marching forward while sporting a stylish suit, a blue fedora, a trendy handbag, and dapper square-toe loafers – fashionable, confident, and gentlemanly, a perfect fit for Esquire’s brand values.

    Another great collaboration between a commercial entity and China’s creative community. Bravo!

    If you buy a December copy of Esquire, you get the notebook for free (check it out below) as a New Year’s gift.

    For more from Popil on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// CL


    Popil @ NeochaEDGE

    Popil @ NeochaEDGE 2

    Popil @ NeochaEDGE 3

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