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  • EDGE Creative Collective members “MAKE THE PRESENT EXCEPTIONAL” – presenting an ABSOLUT VODKA x NeochaEDGE urban light graffiti collaboration for the new limited-edition bottle GLIMMER

    ABSOLUT Vodka recently teamed up with NeochaEDGE and EDGE Creative Collective (ECC) street artists Hurricane and Tin.g to paint up the town (Shanghai, that is) with the brand’s new limited-edition “GLIMMER” bottle. We turned the GLIMMER bottles into illuminated “paint brushes,” and, with some long-exposure photography trickery from ECC shooter Yocky Zhang, we had ourselves some good ol’ light graffiti fun on the streets of Shanghai.

    Working with ECC film-maker / videographer Jess Zou, we produced a short video piece documenting the creative process from inception to fruition. Check it out just below (also available on YouTube and VIMEO). The video is scored with a track titled “Originalism,” an original piece of music we created with one of our favorite local indie electronic musicians, Beijing-based LIman.

    Creative minds who are inspired by this content can join in on the fun – just head over to ABSOLUT’s Douban mini-site and play around with a nifty Flash widget the brand developed that allows you to make your own light graffiti piece with the GLIMMER bottle…be careful, it’s addicting.

    Last but not least, remember to “Make The Present Exceptional.”

    Let us know what you think of the campaign and the content we created with the ECC troops. We look forward to hearing from you!

    For more on this collaboration and the GLIMMER bottle, visit ABSOLUT’s Douban mini-site or the brand’s official campaign website: http://www.absolut.com/cn/glimmercn

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    ABSOLUT GLIMMER x EDGE Creative Collective – “Creative Process & Making-Of” Documentary ///

    ABSOLUT GLIMMER x EDGE Creative Collective – Photography Series ///


    ABSOLUT GLIMMER limited-edition bottle ///

    ABSOLUT GLIMMER illuminated “paint-brushes” ///

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