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  • “GEORGE IS DANCING. AT NIGHT.” – test shots from the NeochaEDGE film team

    See below for two shorts test videos we are working on at the NeochaEDGE film team: “GEORGE IS DANCING.” and “GEORGE IS DANCING. AT NIGHT.”

    George is NeochaEDGE’s very own George Zhi Zhao: project manager by day, super hero b-boy bro at night / weekends. These videos were shot by NeochaEDGE project director Anthony Chen.

    We just love b-boying / girling and urban dance and want to promote it more in China. Plus, it just films so beautifully, especially with slow-motion effects and great sound design.

    That being said, stay tuned for a series of videos we are looking to launch capturing different local Shanghai-based b-boys / break dancers doing their thing in epic urban locations throughout Shanghai.

    For now, peek these samples we are playing around with. More to come soon!

    If you’re interested in working with NeochaEDGE to create video / film content, please send us an email: EDGE@Neocha.com.

    For more b-boying / breakdanicng on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// AjS


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