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  • “THE WAITING” from shanghai-born photographer GONG YINGYING

    Hands talk. Scientists have noted there are more nerve connections between the hands and the brain than between any other parts of the body. Shanghai-born photographer Gong Yingying (aka: Jessie) captured the idle hand movements of strangers in her GIF series “The Waiting”.

    “Studies have long been made to analyze different hand gestures,” Gong Yingying says. “They give powerful insights into our emotional state, indicating power and confidence, or frustration and anger, etc. While waiting through a moment of silence or boredom, people subconsciously pick up subtle hands movements, perhaps to kill time. I find this fascinating; to peep into people’s state of mind as an observer, and at the same time, as a photographer, to immortalize a quiet and “still” moment, by recording these seconds of time and looping them infinitely.”

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