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  • “THE COUNTRY OF SUMMER INSECTS” – animated film from beijing-based director TANG BOHUA

    “The Country of Summer Insects” is a 17-minute film from Beijing-based director Tang Bohua and Ink Man productions. The film is a modern adaptation of one of classical Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi’s parables. In the far south on the edge of the sea is a land called “The Country of Summer Insects.” All of its citizens are born in the spring and die in the autumn. Within their sacred scriptures, there is a line that reads: “Ice, the most precious thing on earth.” However, not a single citizen knows what this “ice” really is. One day, a brave young commander decides to build a ship to go on an expedition to find this fabled “ice.”

    It’s worth noting that this film took three years to complete, with each frame using traditional hand-made inscription methods. See below for a short trailer for the film, it’s truly a work of art. We hope our readers enjoy…

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