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    video & photos from the NeochaEDGE x NOVO “CITY CENTRAL” creative bazaar in shanghai last month

    NeochaEDGE teamed up with multi-brand trendy fashion shop NOVO to put on “CITY CENTRAL Creative Bazaar” in Shanghai. The two-day event featured interactive fun from EDGE Creative Collective members Xixi (founder and creative director of indie fashion brand Nengmao), Nisky, Sdodo Photography Society, MISU Dessert House, Shinjil (aka: Houtaihou), Tyakasha, OOPS CREW (renowned street-art collective), Xiao Longhua, and Nini Sum.

    Visitors enjoyed a live graffiti performance, listened to a live DJ performance, screen-printed t-shirts and bags, made some jewelry, took some photos, and satisfied their sweet tooth!

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