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    “Off the Wall” is the iconic slogan that embodies the spirit of the legendary skate / lifestyle brand Vans. To build awareness of the slogan among Chinese audiences, Vans engaged us to to create content featuring Vans partners / ambassadors who represent the “Off The Wall” lifestyle in two core brand pillars: music and street culture.

    The content we created is being used to encourage participation in the brand’s online “Off the Wall” campaign and drive attendance at the Vans-sponsored Beijing 2013 Midi music festival.

    The “music” piece features Beijing-based Brain Failure (脑浊), one of China’s original punk bands, who tell us about their creative process, stories around making / performing music, and how they live the “Off The Wall” lifestyle.

    To check out the “street” piece, featuring Shanghai-based illustrator / fashion designer Tyakasha and shoe-designer Kim Kirouc, link here.

    For more of our film / video work, link here.

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