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    adidas Originals’ global ‘Unite All Originals’ spring / summer 2013 campaign is all about showing how originality is the result of ‘collisions’ between cultures, communities, and passions. The campaign features creative collaborations of artists, designers and musicians all over the world teaming up to create something unique and exceptional.

    For the China campaign, we curated and art directed some of the participating visual artists. We also created all of the campaign’s video and photography content. For the campaign’s second stop – an intimate event in Guangzhou – Foshan-based street artist / painter Hua Tunan ‘collided’ with Shanghai-based animator / projection artist Wang Meng to deliver an unforgettable visual experience combining 3D mapping, water-based projection painting, graffiti, and banging beats. Check out the ‘artist profile / collision preview’ video as well as the ‘performance / collision event’ documentary to learn more about the artists and their “collision” outcome for the campaign.

    As an outtake from the ‘artist profile / collision preview’ shoot for Hua Tunan and Wang Meng, we created this full-length profile of Hua Tunan in which he tells us about his creation process and inspiration while painting a huge mural for the campaign. The mural is centerpieced with the copy: 集结原创, Chinese for “UNITE ALL ORIGINALS.”

    For more of our film / video work, link here.

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