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  • “THE BEGINNING,” a documentary film about the indie animation scene in china – a NeochaEDGE production screening at the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE’s “GRAPHIC FESTIVAL”

    The Sydney Opera House recently commissioned NeochaEDGE to produce a full-length documentary film about the indie animation scene in China for screening at its annual GRAPHIC Festival – August 20 / 21, 2011 (this weekend).

    The 100 minute film, titled “The Beginning,” features in-depth profiles of 20 leading-edge Chinese animators / animation studios together with a sampling of work spanning a wide variety of styles and themes.

    “The Beginning” provides an authentic voice to one of the most promising sectors of the Chinese creative industry. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to be transported into the worlds of China’s top emerging animation talent.

    Featured animators / animator studios include: Ray Lei (Beijing), Sun Haipeng (Shenzhen), Liu Jian (Nanjing), Mao Qichao (Magic Animation Studio, Chengdu), Pi San (Beijing), Anytime (aka: ANI7IME) Animation Studio (Zhang Chun Li, Pu Junhan, Li Weikun, Su Jingxin: Guangzhou), Seen Studio (Zhang Naowen, Aspirin, Zeng Xun: Beijing), Song Siqi (Henan) / Wang Qing (Suzhou), Li Dongzhen (Beijing), and Beijing Film Academy student animation group (Sun Yiran, Wang Xingchen, Chen Xi, Zhang Yi, and Zhao Xiadian).

    The production effort for the documentary was lead by the NeochaEDGE film team: Adam Schokora (executive producer), Jess Zou (director / editor), Taylor Shen & Shadow Chen (production assistants), CY Ding (lights), and Sean Leow (sound).

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