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  • NeochaEDGE x PUMA, “making-of” time-lapse video (also on VIMEO) ///

    NeochaEDGE x PUMA, hanging 3D cat logo sculpture / installation ///

    NeochaEDGE x PUMA, initial design renderings ///


    PUMA commissions NeochaEDGE & the EDGE Creative Collective to design a hanging 3D logo sculpture / installation in china flagship store

    PUMA commissioned NeochaEDGE and the EDGE Creative Collective to design and install a hanging 3D logo sculpture in its China flagship store – located in Beijing’s Sanlitun shopping district. The sculpture is made out of 167 classic white PUMA Basket II’s.

    For the initial digital modeling of the sculpture, we worked closely with Beijing-based EDGE Creative Collective animator / motion-graphics designer Joker_LK.

    For the execution and production of the final physical sculpture, our fabrication and production team (lead by NeochaEDGE producer Taylor Shen) spent 5 days on site painstakingly laying down the different layers of hanging shoes, and one by one tweaking the angle of the individual shoes to ensure they collectively projected the silhouette of the PUMA cat logo.

    To get a better idea of how we executed the design into the final sculpture / installation, check out the time-lapse “making-of” video the NeochaEDGE film team produced. The soundtrack to the video is off the “eXpo” album we produced last year with The Shanghai Restoration Project, a track titled “Moon” by Beijing-based electronic musician Mu Xiaohu.

    We’ve also shared some photos of initial renderings and the final result. This project was a ton of fun…we just love making stuff! Let us know what you think.

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