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  • OAKLEY x NeochaEDGE: dragon-themed designs for limited edition chinese new year t-shirt & hoodie

    To kick off the Year of the Dragon, we’re proud to share a collaboration recently launched by Oakley China. Using inspiration from traditional Chinese imagery and mythology, we created a customized dragon logo to be featured on an exclusive, limited edition collection of Oakley t-shirts and hoodies. For this project, we teamed up with the ultra-talented, Shanghai-based EDGE Creative Collective member KZENG.

    KZENG’s style is distinctive – he uses a consistent color palette in all of his work, primarily of red, yellow, and cyan. For the Chinese New Year collaboration with Oakley, we worked with KZENG to pull off a wicked cool Oakley logo treatment that teases a traditional dragon using his signature color combination and creates a balance between the old and the new to express the spirit of modern China.

    For more about Oakley China, link here. To purchase the Oakley Year of the Dragon limited edition tees and hoodies you gotta do it the old school way, at the store. For the closest Oakley store / outlet near you, link here.

    For more from KZENG on NeochaEDGE, link here.

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