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  • NeochaEDGE x UMBRO | “The World Champions Collection,” TIN.G (italy) vs. XIAO LONGHUA (germany)

    Check out the second of two “smash art” videos from a client project that NeochaEDGE worked on with W+K Shanghai for UMBRO‘s “The World Champions Collection,” the brand’s celebration of the world’s greatest football tournament this summer.

    The video features EDGE Creative Collective members Tin.g (representing Italy) and Xiao Longhua (representing Germany) going head to head on a canvas for two 45-minute halves (edited down to an action packed 2 minutes).

    For the “The World Champions Collection,” UMBRO worked with seven renowned international creatives to represent their countries by redesigning their national crest. Each of the creatives hails from one of the seven nations that have ever won the tournament. We’ve shared the full collection of national crest re-designs below (just under the “smash art” video). The crests are available on t-shirts and polos through NOVO Shanghai, link here for more info.

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