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  • NeochaEDGE x ROCKBUND ART MUSEUM creative workshop series: “AFFORDABLE PRINT ART IN CHINA” w/ IdleBeats

    For the third installment of our Creative Workshop series, we’re thrilled to present a topic near and dear to our hears: “Affordable Print Art in China.” We’ve been long-time advocates of affordable art around the world as a way to cut through the exclusivity and pretentiousness that all too often surrounds the high-priced art world. This is especially true in China where we believe promoting affordable art is an important part of building a society that values quality, creative work in an accessible way.

    The workshop and discussion will be lead by two of IdleBeats‘s core members (and EDGE Creative Collective members): Nini Sum and Xiao Longhua. For those of you unfamiliar with IdleBeats, it is Shanghai’s amazing (and only) screen-printing studio as well as a frequent collaborator of ours.

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