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  • NeochaEDGE x NIKE, wall mural in the new shanghai office space lobby by EDGE Creative Collective members ELEPHANT & MOMO

    Nike recently commissioned NeochaEDGE to create a mural in the front lobby of its new Shanghai office space.

    We worked with Shanghai-based EDGE Creative Collective members Elephant and Momo to create the artwork. The piece features a variety of Nike products, sports equipment, and fun monster characters. The inspiration for the piece came from imagery one might find in the bedrooms and closets of Nike fans and sneaker-heads / sport-junkies around the world.

    The making-of video was produced by the NeochaEDGE film team (cameramen: Anthony Chen, Jing Shao, Adam Schokora; editing: Anthony Chen). The soundtrack to the video a track titled “食物中毒” by Beijing-based musician Ceezy.

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