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  • NeochaEDGE x Nike Sportswear, EDGE Creative Collective photographer MADI JU for “MAIN COURT: BEIJING” (主场北京) interactive e-mag

    W+K Shanghai again tapped NeochaEDGE and the EDGE Creative Collective to help create content for the Nike Sportswear interactive basketball-themed e-magazine “Main Court” (主场), this time for the Beijing-edition.

    We worked with Beijing-based EDGE Creative Collective shooter Madi Ju to produce the style-guide photography for the e-mag. Shared below is a sampling of the photography, including shoots with 5 Nike basketball influencers: Ray Lei (illustrator / animator, and frequent NeochaEDGE collaborator), Dawei (local Beijing rapper), Wu You (renowned street baller), “Little Tiger” (小老虎, local Beijing rapper), Wang Zeqi (captain of Qinghua High School basketball team), and Yu Kaiwei (sneakerhead / chief editor of sneaker culture magazine “Chi Ma”).

    To check out the Nike Sportswear’s “MAIN COURT: Beijing (主场北京) e-mag and all the photographs from the style-guide, link here. Give it a good look / watch, it’s well worth it. Be sure not to miss the time-lapse video of Ray Lei customizing a pair of squeaky clean white AF1s, and the raucous freestyle rap performance in Beijing hutongs by Dawei and Little Tiger in the hutongs of Beijing.

    Big shout-out to W+K Shanghai! They did another great job of pulling all this content together, plus a bunch more they created (including some great videos and the overall design of the e-mag / minisite itself), to present something special. Superb work!

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