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  • NeochaEDGE x HENNESSY, light graffiti from local creatives for online “CLASSIVM” campaign

    For the launch of its new Classivm bottle, Hennessy was keen to engaged young, urban consumers in a new and compelling way. Centered around the theme of city landscapes and street art, Proximity Live developed an online game in which users were encouraged to create light graffiti pieces using their computer’s webcam and a small LED / flashlight.

    Before launching the online campaign, NeochaEDGE was engaged to create light graffiti visuals to serve as sample pieces for users of the online game. Additionally, a series of desktop wallpaper backgrounds were produced to act as downloadable promotional content for website visitors. Tapping into our EDGE Creative Collective roster of creative talent, we selected two Shanghai graffiti artists – Tin.G and AEK – from the Oops Crew to create these pieces of content.

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