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    As an extension of the custom “Year of the Snake” mouse graphic treatment we created for Microsoft’s ongoing limited edition artist series, we also produced a limited-edition design of the brand’s Touch Cover product. For this project, we worked with Shanghai-based designer and EDGE Creative Collective member Left.

    The inspiration for this concept comes from the ancient Chinese text called “Mountains and Seas,” which documents various facets of nature, geography, and biology. “Mountains and Seas” says that snakes rise from the sea each year and journey to land, only to return to sea at the end of the year. The snake is an important creature mentioned throughout the book. Furthermore, many monsters and gods that are mentioned in the book have human heads and snake-like bodies. An example of this is Fu Xi and his wife Nu Wa, the Chinese goddess who, according to legend, created the world and its people. These characters are not featured in this design, but are integrated into the mouse treatment.

    The overall result is an inspiring cultural remix full of Chinese traditional imagery and modern graphic elements. The final design is executed with a laser-etching technique on the Touch Cover. To purchase the product, link here.

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