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  • events | NeochaEDGE x ROCKBUND ART MUSEUM creative workshop series: “DIFFERENT WORLD FROM DIFFERENT PEN” from beijing-based illustrator PP SAMA

    NeochaEDGE is proud to present the fourth installment in our creative workshop series. For this workshop we have invited celebrated Beijing illustrator PP sama to come share and discuss her work of hand drawn maps.

    PP sama is a freelance illustrator from Beijing, and uses hand drawn illustrations to produce Chinese folk art and city maps. Her style is rooted in a fusion of both traditional and contemporary styles, causing her works, be they city maps or depictions of traditional folk tales, to be brimming with happiness, life, and activity. At this workshop PP sama will share with everyone her map drawings, and also invite you to produce a map from memory of your own personal Shanghai. Perhaps it will be the alley where you go to buy your morning pancake, or your favourite coffee shop, or that tree you love on Hengshan lu whose leaves change every fall; we believe every person has their own version of Shanghai in their heart. Whether you’re a fan of maps or a fan of Shanghai, this is an event you won’t want to miss. We’ll provide the paper and pen, so come join us and let’s draw!

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