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    The group of properties that sits at 179 Nanjing East Rd. near Shanghai’s Bund area is rich in cultural history. The buildings are in the process of restoration into a “show window of commerce, tourism, culture and life” integrating retails brands, restaurants, culture and art, as well as brand hotels to become a new fashion landmark of Shanghai. The complex will simply be known as The Central (外滩  中央).

    The developers behind the project, Shanghai Bund Investment Group, engaged us to help tell the story of The Central from its turn of the 20th century beginnings to now, and beyond to the completion of the upcoming restoration / renovation.

    To capture the story of The Central, we created a full length animation titled “Then, Now, and Beyond” that features the icons, fashions, characters and evolution of Shanghai that weave together the rich history of the location. We also created this short 3D animation to show a virtual rendering of what the property will be developed into upon completion.

    The animation was presented together with “Then, Now, and Beyond” at the project’s groundbreaking ceremony and has since been used online and together with communications / marketing materials targeting potential investors in the project and future tenants.

    For more of our film / video work, link here.

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